Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Elements Project

For my Elements Project I’m working on the water and wind. I’m trying to animate a fish swimming and a tornado spinning just to see if can do it. I just realized that my pink fish is going to appear huge when projected on the screen because he takes up the whole frame when I draw on my little film strip. I really want to see if my animation will look like a fish swimming and a tornado spinning. I’m using sharpies because they’re the easiest for me to draw small details. I am also going to throw in some other techniques. Between my roommate and elements project partner, Meghann, we have a pretty good assortment of nail polish that I definitely would like to incorporate some of them into my strip. I also like the idea of salt creating little boxes when painted over. Maybe if I scatter them through parts of my animation I can make it appear as if bubbles are floating through the water and debris is flying out of the tornado. In choosing to do an animated strip I made my work somewhat tedious, but I’m so curious about the final product that I don’t mind. I understand that if any other group is also doing a rather literal interpretation of the four elements then we will be watching several fishies swim across the screen, but none will come out exactly like mine. I haven’t even started on the wind element even through I’ve planned it out. Meghann and I have also discussed how we would like to transition from one element to another. I’m probably going to work on my strip after class because every time we go to class I get to thinking about what I can do to make my project more interesting.

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Six X. One said...

It sounds like your technique ideas will yield some unique results and I'm curious to see the fish. I wouldn't worry about your element resembling any other of the other student's elements. It seems like beyond just the fish, you have a lot other other interesting ingredients happening in with your water element.